Music is Our Mission

Our mission at PerformanceHUB USA Education Foundation is to bring awareness of local original talent to the forefront of the arts and culture community. Though education we seek to enable musical artists to bolster the community by making their craft equitable and sustainable as an art form as well as a career.

By hosting a public website and physical location to engage the community, we offer insight into what’s happening community wide for musical arts. We offer an outlet for artists to showcase their work as well as help promote the community’s calendar of musical events.

We provide a unique diversity in quality educational resources in order to assist local musical performers achieve success. We blend core musicianship and performance skills with general business acumen. In this way we equip aspiring musicians and performers with the realistic tools and strategy to reach their individual goals in the performance and musical fields.

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  • helpfor teenagers
    helpfor teenagers added 1 photo(s) to the album Schools For Troubled Teenagers:
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  • Kris Roberts
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    Jay Roberts "Devil's Son" CD Release Concert
    • Tue at 12:36 PM
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  • Jay Roberts
    Jay Roberts Check out my album artwork! I'm so stoked to be releasing this in a bout two weeks. Been a long time coming! 
    View Our 3D Artwork | Disc Makers
    • Mon at 12:32 PM
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  • Kent Johnson
    Kent JohnsonMockingbirds Master - The Rolling Stones: I would love to attend if I knew where and when it was going to be happening.  -- Kent
    • November 9
    • Kent Johnson
      Kris Roberts Follow the link to each Upcoming Event. It lists all the details about the event including the date, time, place, ticket price and anything else you might need to know in order to attend. It also provides a phone number to call in case you have questions.
      • November 15
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  • Jordan Greystone
    Jordan Greystone Find me on ReverbNation :-)
    • November 6
  • Jordan Greystone
    Jordan Greystone Check out my recent  Youtube upload to see my Live performance:
    Jordan Greystone Radioactive by Imagine Dragons Cover Live Filmed by:
    • November 6
  • Jordan Greystone
    Jordan Greystone I was a guest last night on internet radio podcast for 5 hours! It's like a Howard Stern talk show with no FCC regulations, so obsurd profanity awareness is advised lol ;-) I do perform 4 songs on my guitar as well as sing along.  
    Two origin...  more
    • November 6
  • Jay Roberts
    Jay RobertsMastering The Beatles: This is going to be awesome! 
    • November 3